Golden Light Healing

Terminal Care & Grief Management

If you come to realise the spinning of the world on its axis, the feeling of time and place disappear and your heart becomes one with Eternity. This creates an understanding for the natural process of life and death, leaving in its wake a light-hearted feeling.

Unconscious matter is subject to he law of disintegration, whereas the Divine essence is eternal. In physical death life passes on from the earthly plane to the Spirit World- which is just as real as the former. In nature this transformation process can be observed everywhere.


The passing on of beloved people usually leaves behind a sensation of loss and sadness in the ones living on, sometimes accompanied by emotions connected to it, i.e. loneliness, fear, incomprehension, desperation, anger or feelings of guilt. Rarely do these various emotions find acceptance and room in everyday life to be understood, consciously felt and by this act to be released.


Knowing that life goes on after physical death can be of aid in the process of coping with grief because the reason why letting go of the dead appears to be so difficult is often rooted in the fact that the separation has seemingly taken place too early and/or without a mutual reconciliation beforehand.


Private grief counselling may bring healing light into such a situation.


As a medium I am aware of souls and their individual destinies and thus I am able to assist you to come to a more complete understanding of the destiny of the deceased's soul. Further, I am also able to lead you to a wider perspective of your now soul-journey and your current personal life.