Golden Light Healing

Spiritual Healing

We are born to be free, healthy, happy and loving living beings. At the core of our selves this reality exists at all times.

Unresolved fear patterns of the personal Ego can hinder us to realise this potential und to live it freely because fear is causing us to feel separated from the inner reality of love and light.

Fear reveals itself as suffering or illness on the emotional, physical or mental level but most frequently in an foggy mixture of several symptoms. Foggy because the personal “I”, which is acutely or passively suffering, is identifying itself with the various symptoms and therefore blind to their invisible connections and to their real cause. The reality of life is created from the inside to the periphery. Therefore, the initial cause of any suffering lives out of sight on an inner, unconscious level. Only unconscious pain can cause suffering and unhappiness. Whatever we consciously recognised, realise and accept in the self, we might still be experiencing   outwardly but since we no longer identify with it, it no longer impairs our inner sense of peace, serenity and contentment.

Healing is the realisation of the soul towards the human self and its body, through which it is living on Earth.

In other words: healing happens, when the inner light, our spiritual centre, that exists at the core of our Ego-self, is being consciously realised and integrated by the latter. This induces the experience of feeling centred, resting in oneself and being able to observe the self neutrally. Long-term healing can ultimately only take place if it happens from the inside out. Which does not mean, that one should not heal the physical body as well if necessary.

Spiritual healing is a means to fortify the inner source of undying life-force in an individual so that the inner separation that was caused by fears can be overcome and the person is able to experience love and light more strongly again. Via the reconnection taking place inside the self the natural process of self-healing can be reactivated. However, to be healed completely the individual in question must be willing to grow in consciousness at the same time.  

In spiritual healing I am a channel for the universal force of love and light. It has nothing to do with my personal powers or my personal self. I have the natural ability and a lot of practise and experience in withdrawing my personal self and its concerns so that the maximum of spiritual energy can pass through me.

Spiritual healing can happen with or without placing hands on the patient. It works as well in personal sittings as in absent healings, where the patient can be anyplace.

The experience of receiving such healing varies. Generally it is being experienced as strengthening, calming, relaxing and comforting. It supports the individual process of consciousness development and it can resolve energy blockages. However, in case of physical suffering it does not replace a medical treatment or visit to a doctor.

Spiritual Healing for: 

Depression, sadness, hopelessness

energetic cleansing of home

harmonising of chakras and subtle bodies

healing of soul wounds

re-activation of self-healing

balancing of family structures

sleeping disorders


burn out and stress