Golden Light Healing

Spiritual Assessment

Love, Light and Truth lie at the centre of the whole of creation. They are the only reality there is. This is why you can see and find them everywhere, in everything and at any time - whenever and wherever you decide to do so.

There are moments in life when you feel that certain situations or circumstances are beyond hope. Or you are lacking in motivation, or everything appears black and hopeless, or you feel trapped or lonely or desperate or stressed-out, or lovesick, afraid... the list of human sufferings, problems and illnesses is endless - and all of them spring from an initial lack of self-love and/or lack of faith in the Divine Light and Truth.


In our essence all of us are an expression of the Divine but being human we live in a world of duality, the energy always fluctuating between the two opposite poles. If Body, Mind and Soul are in harmony within us this constant movement and change does not hinder us from living in health, joy and happiness and at one with life in every respect. But if lacking in integration of these three levels or one-sided living and development of them, disturbances and disharmony occur and a feeling of separation within arises. This generally causes illness or/and serious problems on of the three levels.


By realising that we are neither our thoughts, nor our emotions and feelings, nor our body either - but the neutral observer of all of them help to create a distance between the self and the ailment/problem.


To recognise ones suffering without identifying with it, to accept it and let go hold of it are important steps on the way to solves and resolve it fully.


According to the law duality light and darkness are the  two sides of the same coin. Therefore to every problem there also exists the opposite side - even if „only“ on a different level of consciousness.


Consulting a medium in times of trouble can prove beneficent in this respect because we have access to the invisible side of creation via our heightened perceptions.


Note: I also work with cards, if you wish me to do so. There is a range of decks to chose from.