Golden Light Healing

Spiritual Assessment For Relationships

On the Golden Path of Consciousness there are no losses- only gain, for every experience adds to the riches of the True Self.

The reason behind disharmony in relationships is often rooted in the fact that the common level of understanding has become lost or in some reasons never even really existed in the first place. Thus every attempt at communication becomes a further stone in the wall of misunderstanding between the partners. This not only hinders both of them from personal growth but the relationship gets stuck as well.

If such a situation is being ignored for a long time quite often one or both of the parties involved develops seemingly inexplicable symptoms of illnesses/ailments of mind and/or body. Or may become overly prone to accidents.


In my capacity as a medium and a healer I am able to observe situations from a neutral and higher point of view and am thus able to recognise its structure and dynamics. This insight might shed light into seemingly hopeless situations.


Furthermore I can be of service in creating a new level of common understanding between the parties involved. Though finding a solution that is beneficent to both may also mean a separation for good- in mutual respect and understanding.


In my own experience, the more difficult a situation you are faced with generally is, the higher is the potential for self-enlightenment and personal growth as well.