Golden Light Healing

Pamina Fuchs

Because I Am, you are part of my I Am. In love we understand and see and are truly alive. The experience of love awareness within and towards our own self connect our separated ego-self with our inherent soul and spirit and also with the collective of living creation. Thereby we are enabled to realise our Divine potential and the reason for our earthly existence.

The capacity to be joyful, clear and at peace is part of our nature. 

I am experiencing joy, peace and clarity in my self day by day. My whole life and all of my work are devoted to sharing this universal reality passively by conscious living and by actively supporting others to realise the same in their own selves.

I have not always been existing like this, even though I believe to remember to have been like this in my first years of childhood. However, in growing up I taught myself to adapt to society and its values. I strove hard to be successful and “normal”. In the process I lost sight of my true self and by the degree I became internally separated I increasingly failed to be outwardly successful. My unrecognised psychic abilities heightened my inner conflict because the greater part of my perception of life was invisible to those living around me. The gap between what I was aware of and what I was trying to live and be increased continuously until I turned around and reconnected to my true self and its potential.

On this path from the acquired darkness of ego identification back into the light of my soul-awareness, becoming a Yoga teacher as a 26yrs old & following this inner calling to be teaching harmony and peace in the self parallel to carry on my screen-acting career was one of the most important steps so far. Because in the moments of teaching I turned into a passive medium for the spiritual energy, which today I know to be my soul’s calling to be here in this life now. Also it taught me to consciously connect to and work with my physical body in a positive way. Even though at the time it seemed to make things even more difficult and unbearable for me in everyday life because the yogic exercises intensified my latent psychism, sensitivity and my inborn tendency to be more alive on a soul level than being actively present in my Ego Self. These characteristics make me aware of other people’s (both alive and dead ones) emotional, physical, mental realities and the energy of places as if they were my own. Also I am more aware or subtle energies, their currents, vibrations, colours and patterns more than of physical objects and situations. Not knowing about this, I grew more and more confused about my self and my own reality.  

Some 4,5 years later, meeting a spiritual teacher made me wake up to my true self and its potential, which I had so far experienced more painful than fulfilling. That was in 2010. Since then I have trained my psychic and healing potential and have been practising as a medium in service to others besides pursuing my path as a yoga teacher, writer, artist, spiritual coach and human being.