Golden Light Healing

Personal enlightenment is the discovery of the True Self within our hearts.

Personal enlightenment, the discovery of the True Self within our hearts and thus the Divine in the whole of His creation ist he path each one of has to tread, in order to change the uncertain direction life in Earth is heading in. Indeed it seems the only way to bring about universal peace, harmony and freedom- not only for us Human-Beings but also the Animal and Elemental Kingdoms and Mother Nature.


To further this personal process and to make it easier and faster, I have – inspired and helped by my Angel of Intuition, my Innner Masters- developed a method which is called Heart of Light-Consciuosness (HLC). It is based, besides the influence of the Higher Spiritual Awareness of my Guides by my own personal experiences in life and on my path of Light, also by my practise as a Yoga teacher, Medium and Spiritual Healer. And not least by what I have extracted and learned for my-slef from the study of holy scriptures.


By the method of HLC a centering of the personal consciousness within the Holy Heart Centre takes place. By this process the Ego-Mind loses its dominion and instead the voice of Intuition gains in power. To express it differently: The Personality  is now consciuosly connected with the Individuality. And the easier those two parts of the Self harmonize and become one, the more direct becomes the inner access to our Divine Spark, our own Angel within. And the more distinctly we are aware of all three parts of our Self, the more intense becomes the personal feeling of All-One-Ness and the clearer we are able to perceive the Divine law, principles and structures behind the whole of creation and all its numerous aspects. This induces a deep feeling of gratitude, acceptance, trust , love and understanding towards our-selves, the other Beings, Nature and the Creator him-self.


In everyday life this integrated consciuosness bestows unconditional  joy, lightness of being and inner freedom. It hightens the clarity of your thoughts, strengthens the position of the neutral observer of the inherent Ego-Mind. Furthermore it enhances and promotes the recognition of life as a mirror of your own (sub-)conscious. This in turn enables you, by constant, diligent and targeted application of Light-Consciousness in everyday life to solve fears, blockages and suffering in your personality and everyday life, which might be hindering your life-energy from flowing freely.