Golden Light Healing

Auragraph/Soul Picture & Mandala

The Soul lives in pictures, the mind speaks in symbols and the personal ‘I’ exists as a dream…

An aura-graph is a pictorial image of the auric field. Therefore it is a reflection of the soul. Similar to a horoscope it reflects the personality in its different aspects and with its possibilities for growth and development.


To do a personal aura-graph I do not need to know someone in advance nor do I need to meet them in person.

All I need is the full name plus the date of birth.


I offer two different kinds of aura-graphs:

- one in a schematic circle (acquarell pencils on A4 paper)

- the other one as a full picture (oil-pastels on A4 paper)



Sample Pictures

Like an aura-graph it is a snapshot of the present as well as an image of the soul in its entity.


Regular contemplation on an individual personal Mandala helps clearing and harmonising the energetic field, promotes inner peace and furthers concentration

It can serve as an aid for meditation and focusing the mind.


I offer the mandala as drawing on paper (acquarell pencils, 24x34 cm) or wallpainting (size and technique according to order).





Sample Pictures